Our Surveyors are most often the first professional consulted when new project or sites are proposed, construction or sold.  P&B highly qualified survey staff understands the importance of completing your surveying needs on time as real estate closing often hinge on  receiving a complete and accurate survey in a timely manner.

Our Surveyors:

  • Set and mark monuments at your property  corners so they can be easily found
  • Study your property description and applicable evidence, and indicate in their professional opinion, what the records and facts indicate the boundaries of your land to be.
  • Advise you of defects which can have adverse effects on the ownership of your land

Using the specialized equipment and some of the latest technology, our surveyors perform:

  • Preliminary Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys 
  • Topographic Surveys
  • ALTA/ASCM Land  Title Surveys
  • Lot Split Surveys
  • Plot Plan Surveys
  • Site Plan Surveys
  • Subdivision Plat Surveys
  • Construction Surveys
  • Flood Zone Surveys 

Please contact Gerald Conn at or call 913-782-4800 to establish what surveying services will best suit your situation.