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Mark has 30 years of varied experience encompassing the design of construction projects for streets, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water lines, and street lights for both private developments and public capital improvement projects.  Mark supervises all engineering designs prepared by the firm.

As Vice-President of the firm, Mark is actively involved in all projects of our firm.  His experience in all phases of civil engineering design, both in residential and commercial developments, as well as topography, detention, highways, streets, sewers, water lines, land planning, feasibility studies, and platting makes him one of the key members of our firm.


Project Highlights

Coffee Creek Regional Detention


The City of Olathe created a benefit district to complete a Regional Detention Facility at the intersection of Coffee Creek and Black Bob Road.  Payne & Brockway presented the solution of using the Black Bob roadway embankment and existing culverts to create a regional detention facility.  The Regional Detention Facility provides flood control for approximately 2,000 acres upstream of Black Bob Road and reduces post-development flows to pre-development rates. The detention area will also be used in a parallel project completed by Payne & Brockway and the City of Olathe to create a regional eco-basin, which will provide removal of the first flush suspended solids and floatable pollutants.

Payne & Brockway met with the City of Olathe Staff on numerous occasions to discuss the merits of the project.  The primary concern of the City of Olathe was acquiring the land for the detention area because it is located in unincorporated Johnson County.  Payne & Brockway coordinated with Johnson County and the County agreed to acquire the ground for the City of Olathe.  The City Council requested that the project provide water quality benefits. Payne & Brockway provided exhibits and facilitated meetings with the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program (SMP) and Olathe Staff to create a water quality project.  The water quality project will include the construction and installation of wetland plantings and flow diversion structures within the footprint of the regional detention basin.

The petition for the Regional Detention Facility has been approved by the development community upstream of Black Bob Road.  The required Corps of Engineers permit has been acquired and plans are being prepared for submission of the project to the Kansas Division of Water Resources.


Olathe South High School Expansion


Olathe South High School (OSHS) is located in the northwest corner of the 151st Street and Lindenwood Drive intersection.  The OSHS was originally built almost 30 years ago, and since that time, the structure has had multiple additions.  During the early building additions much of the work was performed based on plans that are similar to schematic drawings, and when the work was performed, changes in the plans were not commonly documented.  This presented a circumstance where the existing subsurface conditions could not be fully determined until construction was started.

Payne & Brockway was assigned the task of locating existing facilities and designing a site improvement package for the new addition to the school as well as the Water Quality Assessment for the increase of impervious areas from the building addition and parking.  The result of the Assessment was to preserve the natural vegetation areas on site.  This saved the school a substantial amount of money as well as not needing to disturb the site more to bring it into compliance with the Water Quality requirements established by the MARC BMP Manual.

Our field crews located all existing visible conditions on the site and then the design staff participated in extensive site visits with the architect and school district representatives to determine the scope of the impact.

The project was designed for a Spring bid letting in less than 6 months.  To ensure that the education of students was not interrupted, the site work was substantially completed during the Summer of 2009 while the students were on Summer break.

During the construction process, undocumented pipes were found; pipes that had been installed as a part of the maintenance of the building or pipes that had been designed for one location, but had been installed at a different location with no notation on the as-built plans.  When these discrepancies were discovered, it required immediate attention and decision making to ensure that the facility was available for Fall classes.  In cooperation with the School District, the construction manager, and the architect, Payne & Brockway representatives were able to help find solutions for all the issues encountered and the school opened as scheduled.

The complexities of working around a 30-year-old school building that had gone through so many changes during its history, as well as the necessity to bring the site to Water Quality compliance and the severe limitation on time, provides experience that will make Payne & Brockway and the rest of the team a good choice for any project.


Canyon Drive


Canyon Drive is a collector style street that was constructed during the Spring and Summer of 2009.  The street was a connection between two existing subdivisions, Forest View and Arbor Woods.  The street was within the limits of the Arbor Woods subdivision, which was originally constructed in the early 2000’s.  The design and construction of the project had to incorporate the fact that an elementary school was under construction on the East side of the road and utilities had been installed through the worksite during development of the adjacent subdivisions.


Qualifications & Affiliations


University of Kansas Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering


Professional Engineer Kansas & Missouri

State of Kansas  P.E. No. 10689
State of Missouri P.E. No. 2009010383

Member of:

American Society of Civil Engineers
National Society of Professional Engineers
ACEC of Kansas
Kansas Society of Professional Engineers

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