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Coffee Creek Regional Detention

Location:  Olathe, KS




The City of Olathe created a benefit district to complete a Regional Detention Facility at the intersection of Coffee Creek and Black Bob Road.  Payne & Brockway presented the solution of using the Black Bob roadway embankment and existing culverts to create a regional detention facility.  The Regional Detention Facility provides flood control for approximately 2,000 acres upstream of Black Bob Road and reduces post-development flows to pre-development rates. The detention area will also be used in a parallel project completed by Payne & Brockway and the City of Olathe to create a regional eco-basin, which will provide removal of the first flush suspended solids and floatable pollutants.


Payne & Brockway met with City of Olathe Staff on numerous occasions to discuss the merits of the project.  The primary concern of the City of Olathe was acquiring the land for the detention area because it is located in unincorporated Johnson County.  Payne & Brockway coordinated with Johnson County and the County agreed to acquire the ground for the City of Olathe.  The City Council requested that the project provide water quality benefits. Payne & Brockway provided exhibits and facilitated meetings with the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program (SMP) and Olathe Staff to create a water quality project.  The water quality project will include the construction and installation of wetland plantings and flow diversion structures within the footprint of the regional detention basin.

Project Contact: Mary Jaeger, P.E., City of Olathe, 913-971-8600



The petition for the Regional Detention Facility has been approved by the development community upstream of Black Bob Road.  The required Corps of Engineers permit has been acquired and plans are being prepared for submission of the project to the Kansas Division of Water Resources.






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